February 24th, 2010

MLA annual meeting blogging opportunity

Are you going to the Medical Library Association annual meeting in DC this year?

Have you heard about the blogging opportunity there?

Have you thought ‘Yeah right, I don’t currently blog and I don’t have current things posted online to reference like they ask for in the application form‘?

That’s no excuse.

As always, I warmly welcome the opportunity to host your guest blog posts here. Just let me know. So many of you in the field are fantastic writers and if you’re at the conference anyway you might want to give it a try.

I’m curious though: What about the voice of those who are attending MLA via e-Conference?  Is there an opportunity for them to cover what the conference experience is like virtually in the official conference blog too?

Personally I’m still on the fence about applying. I’ve found conference and event blogging to be rather exhausting but I also take an extremely comprehensive approach to it (see American Evaluation Association and Woods Hole). Maybe if I lightened my word count up I wouldn’t burn out so much in the process?

Because how else are you going to share your Obama photo with the world’s premier league of  health sciences information professionals? – Calling all [medical librarian] bloggers

Well, like this actually…

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2 Responses to “MLA annual meeting blogging opportunity”

  1. Molly Knapp says:

    Nice hat!

    Good idea on the e-conference bloggers…Look for an update on this in the coming weeks.

  2. Molly Knapp says:

    thanks for your input…e-Con bloggers spots are now available:

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