February 21st, 2012

Free eScience Webcast from Eccles

Edit: An archived recording, slides & Twitter archive are now available

Heads up that there is a great opportunity on Wednesday, February 22nd beginning at 1pm Mountain time (what time is that for me?) at the Eccles Health Sciences Library Priscilla Mayden Lecture to hear about eScience and the Evolution of Library Services presented by Bart Ragon with questions welcomed from the audience via Twitter hashtag #Mayden2012. The direct live webcast link is http://ecclesvideo.med.utah.edu:83/mayden.wmv

If I had my act together I would have promoted this much earlier than now. There is no mention on the website if the session is being recorded for later viewing but I hope it is and will update this with the link if so!

This is particularly of interest with the recent launch of the Journal of eScience Librarianship which I blogged about for work. Speaking of, work and state/regional/national professional committee/officer/task force/miscellaneous hoo-ha positions continue to be so hectic that I’m still not blogging over here as much as I’d like to because I would rather throw my laptop through the window than have more screentime have no brain left at the end of each day, although I’ll work on trying to turn that around.


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