February 6th, 2013

Sabbatical, also known as Surrender

American to Moon: We surrender
America to Moon: We Surrender on Flickr by methodshop.com

I’ll be honest: January sucked. My husband and I were in accidents involving both our cars within 60 hours, neither of us injured and neither our fault, but the number of phone calls with their insurance companies and our insurance company (who was rather confused when we called in the new claim so soon) and time spent in auto shops to fix everything was epic. The day after all vehicles were repaired and the voice mails referencing claim numbers ceased, our son was home sick from school for three days then UberSnot made the rounds through the rest of the house.

So now it’s February… and our family received truly life-changing news over the weekend. Not a c-bomb or health diagnosis, and not anything negative for that matter, but it requires even more phone calls with bonus emails, appointments and a decision to be made by next month. Oh, and as much research as I can cram in each night when things settle down.

Combining that with the job that pays me for a living and every institutional, state, regional and national professional board, liaison, committee member and various iterations of how I am one of the Responsible People Doing Things all planning events and needing things from me between now and March, something had to give and this blog is it for now. I have been feeling  guilty that I haven’t been writing more but you know what? I’m barely making it through the days with my sanity intact as it is, so enough of that. When I gave a dear colleague a brief overview of the events going on next month, I received a reply of ALSO YOUR MARCH SOUNDS HELLISH. It is. I’ve always been a fan of quality over quantity, but since I have neither for the foreseeable future I’ll be back when I have a decent amount of brainpower to spare.

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2 Responses to “Sabbatical, also known as Surrender”

  1. Natalie Clairoux says:

    Dear Nikki, by all means, don’t worry too much about your Web presence while you have other priorities to attend to. I wish you the best for the coming weeks!

  2. RachelW says:

    Take care and best wishes.

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