March 21st, 2010

Health Care Reform: Politics-free

Sick of all the grandstanding and handwringing now that health care reform has passed?

Ready to get down to the business of comprehending what it actually means without rehashing of the above grandstanding & handwringing?

Two One of the better sources of information I’ve seen along these lines tonight include(s):

Consumers Guide to Health Reform by Kaiser Health News which gets into some pretty detailed question & answer scenarios but unfortunately it is not 100% jargon free with that ‘Cadillac tax’ tossed in the last paragraph.


What the health bill means for you by the Washington Post, which doesn’t cover as many scenarios as Kaiser but has 6 of the most common category types of currently insured & uninsured Americans for quick, clickable answers Well, shoot.  As I was writing this the Washington Post switched information formats requiring you to enter information about your current health insurance status, how many people are in your household, what your income is, and your marital status before giving you an answer “to see how you might be affected.” Proceed with caution since there’s no mention that this data isn’t being collected by the Washington Post & I’m disappointed by this tactic.

Of course you could also tackle the 2,500 pages of H.R. 3500 itself but I’m not that brave.

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  1. Jennifer says:

    The NY Times has a summary of what the new bill means for people:

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