March 12th, 2010

National Library of Medicine on Facebook

The National Library of Medicine debuted a Facebook fan page March 1st. While I knew about it due to all my friends on Facebook hopping on board, the announcement about the page was sent via a traditional listserv (which I’m not on) when it launched but didn’t make it to the web-based NLM Technical Bulletin (which I have an RSS subscription to) until 9 days later. Why such a delay instead of announcing in both communication channels at once?

NLM announces Facebook page March 10, posted to listserv March 1

The stated goal of the page is “to share news, information, fun facts and important links with interested readers.”

The moderator of the page replied to a user’s question about the NLM Style Guide thus helping others who may have the same question about it too. Way to go and keep up the responsiveness to your fans, NLM!

a user asks for more information about NLM style, the moderator responds with a link to the free source information

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