April 17th, 2013

Thursday #medlibs chat: Disaster Information

As I write this Wednesday night, I’m listening to news that numerous trauma and burn patients from the West, TX fertilizer plant explosion are being sent to hospitals all over the area with concerns about toxic gas in the community- a sad heads up to Texas medical library colleagues about the Chemical Hazards Emergency Medical Management (CHEMM) resource from the National Library of Medicine.

Please join us at 9pm Easter/6pm Pacific on Thursday night 4/17 for a #medlibs Twitter disaster information chat. The topic this week was… inspired is absolutely the wrong word… by the Boston Marathon tragedy. There wasn’t supposed to be another major disaster this week! I am very grateful for our medical librarian colleagues from NLM and NN/LM stepping up and pitching in to share resources, information and their stories. More details available at the #medlibs blog including a transcript afterwards and I’ll try curating a Storify of resources afterwards although that may take a few days.

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