April 16th, 2012

MLA mobile technology webcast – #mlamobiletech

Update: Per first Perhaps Bright Idea below, affirmative!


On Wednesday April 18th the Medical Library Association is hosting a webcast, Leveraging Mobile Technologies for Health Sciences Libraries, that is 1) On Wednesday again (yay!) 2) Brings back the live studio panel of presenters (yay!) and 3) Has an established hashtag ahead of time (woohoo!)

Everyone already knows what the hashtag is because it’s clearly listed on the webcast website, right?

Well… no.

The hashtag #mlamobiletech is within the guide that is sent to site coordinators, specifically to be used as a way to send in questions during the webcast time to MLA in addition to email.

Establishing a hashtag ahead of time for the MLA webcast is a very welcome step in the right direction. However, it will requires a lot of effort for MLA staff to filter questions from our natural social communication channel discussion of the webcast content, resources, and thoughts that are being shared both during and after the webcast.

Perhaps Bright Ideas:

  • Should we preface our #mlamobiletech webcast tweets with a Q: to make it easier for MLA staff to identify and convey our questions?
  • Will MLA staff relay #mlamobiletech questions to the presenters to answer verbally, or will they be tweeting answers too?
  • If the latter, could they preface an answer with an A: so it’s clear?

We have come a long way since last fall’s MLA Webcast: Change and WTH? and I want to acknowledge that but still see opportunity for improvement. What do you think?

Side note: If it hasn’t been abundantly clear already due to my abysmal lack of posts this year, literally all of my professional brainpower is being used up between the job that pays me and helping to coordinate an incredible local assistance committee to bring you the best experience possible at MLA 12 in Seattle.  I decompress every night by indexing the 1940 census (my goal is 1,000 names by April 30th) instead of thinking more about medical librarianship or I’d never sleep. Trust me, this is just a temporary phase.

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