April 30th, 2013

MLA Runs, Walks, Whatever4Boston

I’ve completed Day 16 of 26 for my pledge to walk daily in support of the Boston Marathon victims using the Charity Miles app on my phone.

For the next two weeks, Lifeway is not only sponsoring regular Charity Miles donations to the charities we choose to walk, run & bike for they are also paying an additional 25 cents per mile to The One Fund as part of #BostonStrong10K.

During MLA there are a group of runners organized by Bart Ragon & Montie’ Dobbins at MLA Runs4Boston and I piped up and asked if speedwalkers would be welcome because I just can’t pull off running even at a really slow pace.

If you’re like me and want to be with other walkers, come join in! The times the group will leave from the front doors of the Sheraton are

Fri        6:30pm
Sat        6:00am (this will kill me but I’m going to drag my jetlagged Seattle self out the door and DO IT)
Sun       3:30pm
Mon      2:00pm
Tues     4:00pm

If all of us with smartphones used Charity Miles, think of the additional impact we’ll have raising money for The One Fund for free. I’ll have Charity Miles running even when I’m just strolling along seeing the sights of Boston too – every step counts!

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4 Responses to “MLA Runs, Walks, Whatever4Boston”

  1. Marie Ascher says:

    Awesome, I signed up earlier today. Are those times when runners and walkers all will be leaving the hotel or just a walker group?

  2. Nikki Dettmar says:

    Those are the designated runner (aka Bart & Montie’ are departing) times. I will definitely be a walker 6am Saturday and can likely make a few of the others but am not 100% sure which yet.

  3. Olivia says:

    Bummer! Just downloaded the app and it appears they’ve taken down the One Fund option. Ah well, plenty of other good causes. Anyway, glad I happened upon this post because I hadn’t heard about MLARuns4Boston and am so happy to have others to run with in Boston. #bostonstrong!

  4. Nikki Dettmar says:

    sorry for any confusion Olivia – choose any charity you like then start walking. The .25/mile for One Fund is in ADDITION to that for ALL charities! 🙂

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