May 10th, 2011

PubMed Health: I don’t know who’s on third

As promised in the PubMed Health series (Who’s on first? What’s on second?), I still haven’t seen an official announcement but something caught my eye recently that is noteworthy and appreciated: a connection to MedlinePlus on the PubMed Health topic page!

Below is what the link to MedlinePlus information about diabetes looks like in the right sidebar on the PubMed Health Diabetes page:

Something else also caught my eye that is noteworthy and I want to know more about it – comparative effectiveness results explained as “Evaluating your options: Multi-study review of the strengths and weaknesses of various treatment options”

Here’s how it looks on the same PubMed Health Diabetes page, just below the MedlinePlus link:

Here’s the page for the second comparative effectiveness result listed (click to enlarge image)


I don’t see PubMed Health listed among the topics that will be presented at the NLM Theater during the Medical Library Association meeting in Minneapolis, but do see Comparative Effectiveness Research: Everything You Wanted To Know But Were Afraid to Ask.

I’m not afraid, and I’m taking a look at my schedule to make sure I’m there asking about this at some point!

I’ll likely share what I find out in a post here after MLA as I will be an official MLA 2011 blogger. I will post a summary post here with links to all I’ve written over there later too. Please do stop me in the halls and say hi if you’re at MLA! I’ll be the somewhat tall (5’10” without heels) one looking a little bit dazed and confused, this is only my second full MLA experience.

2 Responses to “PubMed Health: I don’t know who’s on third”

  1. Alisha says:

    Thank you for posting this! MedlinePlus links and snippets of information started showing up on PubMed Health at the end of March. I saw the change and meant to post it but completely forgot.

    If you find out any information on why they now have this resource that would be great. My thought is the comparative effectiveness research will help hospitals with developing evidence based orders, procedures, policies, etc. That is my guess based on the requirements of Meaningful Use and the prior release of MedlinePlus Connect which will help meet 1 requirement of Meaningful Use.


  2. Eric Rumsey says:

    Thanks for the observations. It’s good to see a MedlilePlus link, but it’s unfortunate that it’s so far down the page that I suspect it will get few eyeballs and clicks.

    Hope to see you at MLA!


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