May 18th, 2010

NLM Theater at MLA

Has it really been 2 years since my MLA 2008 post about the NLM Theater presentations I attended about PubMed (when the automatic term mapping change was the only big deal) & the Drug Information Portal that I later broke down into sections to highlight?

The truth of the matter is that in my short career as a medical librarian, I have been to to the MLA meeting once and then only for one day. Seriously. DC will be my first full MLA conference experience and I’ll also be an official conference blogger, session Twitter jockey (really!) and moderator of another session there. I would love to meet everyone! I’ll be the tall (5’10” in flats) somewhat lanky one usually wearing some shade of black and probably looking slightly overwhelmed by the whole scene.

I finally got a chance to look over the schedule for the NLM Theater presentations this year (get the PDF, it has more detail) and two things jumped out at me that I wasn’t expecting. Keep in mind my standard disclaimer: I’m not speaking on behalf of my employer here, I’m speaking as a medical librarian with an eye on the horizon.

Introduction to NCBI Molecular Databases .… In particular, pre-computed associations between data now promoted in the Discovery initiative expose useful and hypothesis generation relationships that further scientific investigation.

Whoa, hello Discovery initiative in the brochure! Given the level of integration we now see of the 29 databases in PubMed search results, getting a better understanding of what they are about straight from NCBI staff is probably a really good idea.

MedlinePlus Update … Come hear about our recent developments including Mobile MedlinePlus, MedlinePlus email updates and connecting MedlinePlus to EHRs/PHRs. Also be one of the first to get a glimpse of the forthcoming MedlinePlus site redesign.

I definitely want to know more about these connections and what’s up with the site redesign.

I will be covering at least two sessions a day as a conference blogger (my strategy is here), and I’ll write some compilation posts here at my home blog linking to my entries on the conference blog in addition to pictures and additional insights. See you there at MLA, or if not please let me know what questions you have that I can try to find answers for! Comments here or @eagledawg on Twitter will be the best way to make sure I see them in the days ahead.

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