June 30th, 2011

Beyond filter failure aka Don’t eduMOOC & Moodle at the same time

filter failure by catzpyjamasnz

In hindsight, I have no explanation behind my belief that I’d be able to pull off launching my own month-long Moodle distance learning class for my students while simultaneously studying in my first Massive Open Online Course regarding education (known as eduMOOC) on the same day. Aren’t Mondays supposed to be challenging enough in and of themselves?

It is now Thursday night and I’m finally trying to navigate eduMOOC. I completely missed the live discussion today but my workload wouldn’t have allowed for it anyway. I am both fascinated and horrified by the thought of over 2,450 of us from 65 countries trying to have a meaningful online education experience. I am totally overwhelmed by the number of areas on the main Google sites webpage it says I should be looking for UPDATES and New Features, but wait I need to scroll down a bit and Visit Often for Updates! and there are more! exclamation! points! in headers everywhere I go.

No wait… it says there’s a Moodle interest group in there somewhere, yes! <clicks>”We’re sorry, but we were unable to locate the page you requested”

*deep breath*

Ok, scratch all that: Back to just exploring Online Learning Today. There are an amazing number of resources there, including journals that I had no idea existed and are of great interest for my research. I am trying to stay on top of distance learning information and not assume that only the knowledge and platforms I currently have access to are the limit.

I know one other librarian in there who is being most helpful (Luke Rosenberger @lukelibrarian) and also pointed the way to the Libraries and Librarians eduMOOC study page. Hopefully they’ll let me in.

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  1. Benjamin says:

    For me, MOOCs are about the learner and how the learner interacts with content and with others. This is how I am participating in edumooc 2011: http://bnleez.com/?p=2057

    It’s simple as I rarely visit the main sight and I don’t feel compelled to watch the live sessions. It’s enough for me to Tweet my way around the web (using the #edumooc hashtag), dipping in and our of discussions as time and interests permit. It took me three-to-four MOOC experiences to figure this out, but have to say it’s been a stress-free method for connecting with and learning from others.

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