June 2nd, 2011

Of Informatics and Twitter Evolution: Woods Hole

Long time readers may remember that I was in the Spring 2009 MBL/NLM BioMedical Informatics cohort and I blogged my brains out about it. Back then I intermittently used Twitter to connect with a few people during it mostly as an additional information seeking tool to clarify or expand on the subjects we were learning about.

My stated purpose in attending there was to create the online class Making Connections: Librarians & EHRs. The problem new development that happened in the meantime and caused an enormous delay in launching the class until this year was that a whole new political angle emerged (see the week 2 module) that medical librarians need to understand as part of their involvement with electronic health records.

From what I’ve seen from our medical librarian colleagues on twitter (#BMISpring2011) attending the Spring 2011 MBL/NLM BioMedical Informatics cohort, the curriculum there has been substantially overhauled since Fall 2010 to include a wealth of information about the current political background and specific EHR components. Their group project involves hands-on work with an EHR system. This is so exciting!

Also exciting is the evolution of how the medical librarians there, recently fueled by connecting with the greatly expanded use of the #mlanet11 Twitter at the recent Medical Library Association annual meeting in Minneapolis, have taken it a step further with sharing information from Woods Hole. I caution them to not burn out in the process as information overload hits heavily right about now, and am resurrecting one of my concluding statements from when I was there in 2009:

Why isn’t MLA collectively tapping Woods Hole alumni for the Vital Pathways project?

A commenter kindly pointed out that was an over & done project but my question remains: Why is the collective energy of medical librarian Woods Hole alumni not being tapped to help share our knowledge with the field? What kind of change agents are we if we’re not, you know, out there changing things together?

Do I need to spell it out in MLA meeting themes that the ReThink has already happened and we’re supposed to be Growing Opportunities and Changing Our Game now?

Picture by Clare Leibfarth

You may never know what results come of your action, but if you do nothing there will be no result. ~Mahatma Gandhi

I’m trying. Who’s with me?

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4 Responses to “Of Informatics and Twitter Evolution: Woods Hole”

  1. Alisha says:

    I’m with you and posted about my involvement with our EMR and the reason it is difficult for hospitals to implement new systems. I think medical librarians can and should get involved, even solos. Yes it takes hard work and means prioritizing but it is worth it.

    I also want to add to the Woods Hole alum those in the field who are heavily involved with EMR systems. Those involved have first hand knowledge of how libraries can get involved and stay involved with EMR systems and EBM (order sets!, policies and procedures.).

    I hope to see (and I hope I am) librarians involved with implementing MedlinePlus Connect or creating customized info buttons with information.
    Having the knowledge is vital but also having those with experience with implementing this knowledge is key.

    What do you think? A group of alum with those who are heavily/actively involved with EMR’s meeting and working together to create plans for library involvement, projects, technology, compiling resources, etc. I know I would really like to build a customized info button but just haven’t had the time to devote to the project.

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  3. Joanne Kennedy says:

    Hello Nikki: I attended Woods Hole and it changed my career from Medical Librarian to Director of Medical Informatics. It was a wonderful ride. I love your blog, it is beautiful.

  4. Nikki Dettmar says:

    That is wonderful to hear about the impact it had for you, Joanne! I look forward to hearing about how the program will go at their new Georgia location. Thanks so much for the compliment – I look forward to blogging more again in the future when I’m not so busy juggling school & work.


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