June 7th, 2012

Twitter #medlibs chat: Last call and scheduling poll next week

Edit: Survey now closed!

From a Twitter #medlibs chat idea to action: 47 replies to the survey below – you all are awesome! It will be closing at the end of the day tomorrow (Friday, June 8th) so make sure your voice is heard. It will take some time to analyze the results during the off hours but (as always) I’m really excited by your innovative ideas, energy and excitement in addition to thoughtful questions and criticism. Please keep it up!

Stay tuned on Monday for a poll to try and narrow down a timeframe that works for the majority of interested participants. I already know it’s impossible for one time to work for everyone because we’ve all seen how committee Doodles go we’re all over the country and potentially the world with differing levels of work/life time availability.

It is clear there is a need for a base to summarize #medlibs chats and present the topics/chat questions ahead of time so that will hopefully help to welcome all.  I have parked a blog at http://medlibschat.blogspot.com that is easy to add additional authors to, and I doubt any of you will be surprised by my use of Bacon Ipsum until things are meatier further developed.

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