June 27th, 2012

Onwards! Twitter #medlibs chat regularly on Thursday nights

Be sure to add medlibschat.blogspot.com to your RSS feed as the game plan is for new topics to be announced there on Mondays with regular Twitter #medlibs chats held on Thursdays 6pm Pacific/9 pm Eastern time for the forseeable future. June 28th is going to be about eScience which evolved naturally from the MLA 2012 discussion on June 21st and was noted in the survey more than a few times as a beginning topic of interest.

Can’t make that time or miss a chat? There are a wealth of archiving options over at the Transcripts page. Storify (see June 21st) takes a long time to compile, but once we have a few chats done I think it has the potential to show the most value to others in the field who aren’t on Twitter. In the meantime keep spreading the word, I’m hoping we’ll get 50 or more participants this week, and next week some preliminary results from the survey will be shared on the #medlibs chat blog to help further develop plans including a shared leadership strategy. Thanks for participating and spreading the word!

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3 Responses to “Onwards! Twitter #medlibs chat regularly on Thursday nights”

  1. Alisha Miles says:

    Thank You for starting #medlibs chat. I have really enjoyed the stimulating conversation each week. Thanks for keeping the momentum of MLA2012 going!


  2. Nikki Dettmar says:

    Thanks Alisha but it’s not just me – definitely a team effort. I love Thursday nights!

  3. […] has been busy these last few weeks for many people. Medlibs saw the start of weekly #medlibs chats thanks to @eagledawg. If you haven’t joined the chats, drop by next Thursday at 9pm EST and […]

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