June 11th, 2012

Twitter #medlibs chat: Scheduling time!



Short and sweet, the Doodle poll (is now closed!) to schedule a first Twitter #medlibs chat may be a little different than you’re used to seeing Doodle polls:

  1. Please fill out the poll only if you are intending to attend. No worries if you can’t, a recap/transcript will be done.
  2. Check to make sure your time zone is listed in the box (it should be based on your computer setting)
  3. The (Yes) option = “Meh, not ideal but still possible” It really helps since Doodle autocalculates the best times for the majority with a combination of these and regular Yes options.
  4. Other replies are greyed out and yours is too. Everyone should have the same right to privacy as in the original poll.

Please share this Doodle with others who are interested in attending, it will close at the end of Wednesday, June 13th and chat time announced on Thursday, June 14th. Since organized Twitter hashtag chats were brand new and not something the vast majority of those who took the survey had done, I suggest keeping this first chat light and focused more on introductions so the community can get to know one another, learn how these chats work, and cover the top 3 takeaways from MLA 2012 for those who were able to be there either virtually, in person, or following the #mlanet12 backchannel.

A very valuable lesson was learned last week: Please take the # out of medlibs with retweets and directed tweets for the sake of all those who are following #medlibs which has been going strong for quite some time. The potential was pretty high that questions and resources were missed in some of the publicity for a potential hashtag chat and I feel bad about that.


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  1. J. says:

    And I’m sorry about spamming the #MedLibs channel too.
    J. Shore (@7shores)

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