July 6th, 2012

Friday Twitter #medlibs chat update

I have a confession to make.

The past three Thursday nights at 6pm Pacific/9 Eastern I have been totally terrified that no one would show up to participate in the Twitter #medlibs chat (medlibschat.blogspot.com), especially last night after the 4th of July and the East recovering from being whomped by that derecho.

Of course I was wrong. Medical librarians on Twitter are bright, insightful and energetic people and it’s high time I started sharing some survey results that reflect this. Currently I don’t have any brainpower left at the end of each work day for much in terms of  assessment, so I’m letting Wordle do the talking because it does so quite well for these two questions in particular.

Keeping in mind our first three chats have been about MLA 2012, eScience and a designated ‘1st Thursday of the month free range’ that evolved into discussing new residents, iPads & an UpToDate vs. Dynamed showdown, I bring you the raw data tossed in Wordle for (click to enlarge for the small words that are squishy)…

Suggest Topics We Should Start With


What Outcomes Would You Like to See Come from a #medlibs Twitter Chat?

It’s happening! Another outcome is the desire to have others pitch in to moderate/arrange for things, which is still a process to figure out but I’ll be touching base with people who indicated they were interested in this over the weekend.

I initially tried Storify to spread the transcript into themes but that is very time consuming. I will go through and pull out websites shared to include an annotated list of them under the Transcripts for each chat though since I’ve noticed a trend of people favoriting those tweets to refer to later. Thank you so much for participating and I hope you’re finding them as fun as I am!

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