August 7th, 2011

PubMed Health review in JMLA

Alisha Miles wrote a great review about PubMed Health for the recent edition of the Journal of the Medical Library Association (JMLA) that is worthy of a shoutout.

Alison Aldrich was the blogger assigned to cover National Library of Medicine (NLM) news during MLA 2011 in Minneapolis and an excerpt from the conference blog on May 17th, which was after the article deadline from what I can assume based on the citation dates in JMLA, is

Next came the moment many of us have been wondering about for a long time. What would NLM have to say about PubMed Health, this mysterious new site with such high prominence in Google Search results? In truth, they don’t have much to say… yet. We know its purpose is to provide health consumers with better access to systematic reviews and comparative effectiveness research. We also now know that Google released it in pre-alpha form long before NLM was ready for that to happen. We don’t yet know if or how it will relate to another prominent NLM consumer health website which shall remain nameless here. Betsy reported that PubMed Health will continue to be developed over the summer, and that further announcements would be forthcoming. Watch your RML’s blog for updates. We’ll be covering PubMed Health for sure.

I still haven’t seen any new news about PubMed Health as of now in August though.

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