September 15th, 2010

PubMed: Say Interactive Tutorial[pt]?

Michelle Kraft learned from the New England Journal of Medicine that their Videos in Clinical Medicine are indexed in PubMed under Interactive Tutorials[pt].

I thought I must not have been paying attention during the several short and one full-day PubMed training classes I have had thus far, and even double-checked the manual to see where it was covered. It wasn’t specifically except for mention of more Publication Types under the most frequently used types listed first under Limits, such as clinical trials and meta-analysis.

Not only was it news to me, apparently this was news to other medical librarians such as Mark MacEachen too. Two more have been added since she covered them bringing the total number up to 760 as of Wednesday night.

That requires poking around.

I popped in (“catheterization”[MeSH]) AND Interactive Tutorial[pt] and sure enough

That was definitely a NEJM video. The earliest result listed in this search was also a NEJM video from 2006, and Mark noticed was from 1991.

But wait, wasn’t this term from 2008 according to the MeSH Scope note defining Interactive Tutorials as “Consisting of video recordings or other files that reveal material selectively according to user guidance”?

Yes, and there was specific information shared about Interactive Tutorials and their retroactivity in the Nov-Dec 2007 NLM Technical Bulletin about 2008 MEDLINE data changes, worth a read that I’ve quoted below:

Interactive Tutorial
Interactive Tutorial describes items published online and consisting primarily of non-narrative text, such as a video recording or other interactive content in which the sequence of content presented depends upon interaction from the user. The only narrative text may be the abstract; otherwise there is little or no “traditional” narrative text.

Examples are:

  • “Videos in clinical medicine” that appear periodically in the New England Journal of Medicine.
  • “Multimedia article” that appears periodically in Surgical Endoscopy.
  • “Learning on the Web” that appears in the journal Heart.

This new publication type will not be applied if a video or other interactive content is only a part of the supplemental or other minor portion of a published article.

In the near future, NLM will apply this new PT retrospectively to existing citations that qualify. When used, no other PT is assigned. Even though treed under Review [pt], the number of references, if they exist, will not be counted nor appear in the MEDLINE citation.

I honestly don’t know what the scoop is with the 1991 citation.  Was it really a very early Web resource? Anyone have access to find out?

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2 Responses to “PubMed: Say Interactive Tutorial[pt]?”

  1. Michelle says:

    My guess, and this is only a guess is that it is one of those odd PubMed Citations that gets reloaded. You know how if you search by date you don’t want to do the Entrez date because you will sometimes retrieve some way older articles.
    That is my only guess.

  2. Nikki Dettmar says:

    I’m still puzzling over this because 1799831 & 1799833 are review articles in the same journal issue and are sequential with the listed page numbers for 1799832. How can something have page numbers & be considered an Interactive Tutorial? 🙂 I may never know the answer to this one.

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