October 31st, 2011

Happy Halloween!

It’s not a secret to some that I’m a fan of the Little House books and recently re-read the whole series. I’m descended from several pioneer families and have often wondered why Laura wrote about her Pa playing his fiddle so many times in almost magical terms, but I assumed that fiddling in the pioneer days equated the bluegrass style and that’s not accurate. My pioneer family stories about music involve my great-great-great-grandmother playing her guitar and singing on the Oregon Trail (also giving birth on the trail to her firstborn on the 4th of July), and I’m well familiar with that style of outdoor music after years of Camp Fire!

I think caught a glimpse of what Laura was talking about at a Scouting campout weekend as someone played his fiddle while the boys’ jack-o-lanterns were lit around the campfire in the pouring rain and thought I’d share. There is something very alive to a solo fiddle in the dark that my cell phone camcorder just doesn’t capture at all, anyone know what the tune is?


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