October 18th, 2011


For today I was only able to cover Dr. Ted Epperly, our phenomenal morning speaker (Google Doc link), because of  some rather intense technology issues that I was in charge of handling. He definitely reinforced the thread of relationship being of strong importance and I am still struck by a quote he found and wrote on a napkin:

Too many specialists are as dangerous to the quality and quantity of medical care in a community as too few.

That was from 1949!

I had to run to catch a flight home so I could enjoy the rest of a gorgeous Seattle afternoon and evening with my family and missed the NN/LM PNR and MLA updates, and at this point don’t know if the NLM update slides (see above technology issues) will be available later.

My apologies but I’ve never been inspired to blog our morning business meetings. Thanks for a wonderful time in Boise, PNC Annual Meeting Committee!

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  1. Laura says:

    Ted Epperly is a member of our editorial advisory board at the Annals of Family Medicine! (Of course he’s better known for his leadership at the American Academy of Family Physicians and his work on patient-centered care.)
    It’s nice to see cross-talk between family medicine and librarianship.

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