October 3rd, 2012

Opportunities: OpenNotes Results Published

From when I first heard about the OpenNotes Project (research to have patients access their doctors’ notes as part of their medical record) and included it in my June 2010 entry of Electronic Health Records: Not All About the Machine to meeting up with Dave again last month in Listen Again to the Ideas – The Role of the Patient, I’ve been looking forward to learning the results of the research.

Got under 5 minutes, appreciate great narratives and like videos? Here you go.

Like reading overviews with results pulled out in bullet points for easy reference? Go to e-patients.net’s coverage.

Like reading original publication data (of course you do!) ? Annals of Internal Medicine has it freely available.

Unfortunately I haven’t had a chance to read the full article yet. Questions I’ll have in my mind as I do will involve a focus on the experience of the research at Harborview, and opportunities for medical librarians to become involved with patients’ access to resources to understand the notes containing their health information. For as much as I love ePatient Dave he still is referencing Google as a starting point for health information research online. We medical librarians know there are much better ways, including the integration of health information resources within electronic health records such as MedlinePlus Connect, but it doesn’t help if others don’t know about and use them!

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