October 30th, 2012

The Storify of Sandy

For as awful as Hurricane Sandy was and the after effects are right now, I have really been impressed with the power of Storify in quickly telling stories with a combination of narrative and embedded tweets from Twitter.

Here are some of interest

I tinkered around with Storify several months ago and mostly found it to be time consuming and cumbersome to curate, but inspired by the layout of these stories I’ll give it another shot after the #medlibs chat on Thursday without feeling the need to capture every.single.tweet of it and see what happens. Despite my initial reaction of snark to Your Twitter Hashtags Chats Are Ruining My Life, Please Stop I do get it and librarians in particular are obsessed with order. At the same time there are real gems being shared in these chats and I’m not stopping so long as things like this are offered as feedback –


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