December 16th, 2010

Yucky horizon: Yahoo is sunsetting Delicious

Last edit: My bookmarks were imported with all privacy settings intact on December 20th around 9am.

12/17/10 9:00am – Other social bookmarking options in a Google Doc, please add others you’re aware of. (via @danhooker)

12/17/10 8:30am update: My bookmarks still aren’t in Diigo, but they have noted

Your import request is being processed.

We are getting a huge number of import requests recently, so it may take a little longer to process.

Thank you for your patience.

Original entry:

The Twitter ruckus today is true: Yahoo is eventually shutting down Delicious and other services.

As a result, this is the hilarious front page of Delicious the evening of December 16, 2010:

Now what do I do with my (sometimes) carefully curated tags there that I encouraged my students to use as a reference list for the latest news and websites I thought would be helpful in the future?

First step was to go to my Delicious account , then Settings, then Export/Backup Bookmarks like so

This generates an HTML file with all the links in my account, which I really should have been doing once in a while instead of blindly relying on Delicious to always be there, but I digress.

What to do with the resulting HTML file?

For browsers, Lifehacker has written a good post but keep in mind that all your tags and notes won’t import in with the links. Those tags are the majority of the value for most librarians I know.

Ready to try another social bookmarking site?

I clamored to set up a Diigo account, then fumbled.  Where are things?! Go to Tools, scroll down to the very bottom and click Import Bookmarks… or click directly there. This and other bookmarking services would do well to make import capabilities very very visible front and center to the panicking Delicious masses right now. From there it guides you on importing the handy-dandy HTML file Delicious gave you.  It assured me the privacy setting in Delicious would be the same as in Diigo, and for the time being I have

I’m sure this may take a while given the news today! I’ll update later when it’s done because I am concerned about privacy and want to doublecheck that in particular.

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