June 18th, 2010

Friday Foolery #89: Bzzz…

I purposely delayed today’s entry since I was pretty sure I’d get a Foursquare Swarm badge tonight due to

  • A Mariners/Reds game with an attendance of over 42,000
  • This being Seattle, land of many, many geeks

I’ve used Foursquare for exactly 19 days due to not having a smartphone before May and being on the fence about using ‘a stalker app’. I do find myself being relatively cautious with it such as not Tweeting or Facebooking my checkins, being much more selective about Foursquare friends than Twitter and Facebook, not having my full name listed anywhere at all, not including our house as a checkpoint, and using my website graphic to make it that much harder to identify me in a crowd.

A hint to those entering cutesy names for their homes: Please use spellcheck. Although we may not be able to see your address (and why on earth are so many unprotecting that for public view?), we can see the name and ‘Liar’ for ‘Lair’ looks really dorky.

I’m also curious about potential use for libraries. I didn’t really think about geolocation and libraries until the Top Tech Trends IV panel, then after some time have realized what Barb Chamberlain and Lorena O’English tweeted about librarians being the mayor of the library may not be perceived as customer friendly… unless…

What if, instead of a reward only for the ‘mayor’ (one person who checks in the most) of your venue, you offered all users who checked in via Foursquare and gave a phrase that changed every week or so to library staff to receive a tangible reward of some sort? Or if the librarians didn’t blaze ahead by dozens of checkins but held back to keep pace with top-ranking students who could then have the joy of ousting the librarian mayor?

This is part of why I’ll be helping Glen Farrelly with his Foursquare research and encourage you to do the same if you’re so inclined.

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