September 24th, 2010

Friday Foolery #103: Night of the Curriculum

It’s been a long week of teaching and learning and webcasting like crazy at work in addition to life in general.

Our son’s school Open House was Thursday night and I suddenly realized this was the last one he’d ever have. From 4th grade on they have Curriculum Night. What is a Curriculum Night? I have never liked the word ‘curriculum’ and dedicating an entire evening to it sounds painfully boring, yet we’re responsible parents so we’ll go anyway.

The principal scared me during his presentation with something along the lines of ‘Most of your students will receive the majority of their education here and we take this seriously.’ A K-8 school means nine school years at the same place. Logically I already knew this but I’d never thought of it that way before.

Five of those years will involve Curriculum Nights. I think that realization made my own brain snap a little.

I’m envisioning a graphic novel entitled Night of the Curriculum with Bacon & Zombies.

Cover art includes a properly remix-licensed Creative Commons blend of Armless Zombies? by felix42

holding a BCN trying to escape by DiggzDE (WARNING: crass language including an f-bomb bacon chicken narwhal!! I must try the recipe)

and one of the Open source textbooks a “threat” to Texas education? by opensourceway

This will earn me the One Of Those Parents award for certain, right?

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