December 3rd, 2010

Friday Foolery #113: The Cat Man of the Seattle Public Library

It has been an eventful week of jury duty, but a very cool benefit of serving as a juror is that the Friends of the Seattle Public Library will give you 15% off at their gift store when you show them your badge. As a result I spent both my lunch breaks browsing there plus was the 602nd person to find a 4-year-old geocache outside.

An unusual sight caught my eye in the library on Wednesday. A man was standing with two others having a conversation and something was perched and slightly moving around his shoulders. After a closer look I realized it was a shorthaired black cat with white paws, chest & neck, and part of his chin. The man didn’t have a hand on his cat at all, but it was hard to tell if the cat had a harness or leash keeping it there.

This is a truly awful cell phone picture but it wasn’t like I could zoom up closer without being obvious. I put some text pointers to what you are seeing that should be more helpful than many alien baby ultrasound photos.

Cat Man must have a story. When did he start wearing his cat on his shoulders? Why? What were they doing at the library? Do they go everywhere together? How is that cat so well behaved, just calmly looking around?

I do not dare to put our 12-year-old petite longhaired black cat on my shoulders to find out what would happen because I already know: My neck & shoulders would be seriously clawed with a whole lot of MROWWWWRRRRR! as she made a mad scramble to get off and leap back to the floor.

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