April 1st, 2011

Friday Foolery #114: The Carpet Saga Continues

Although today is April Fool’s Day I can assure you that the following story is true and no Photoshopping is involved.

First, a refresher: Do you remember back in September when things turned to Hopscotch Duct-taped Carpet at my library?

I’m pleased to report that is gone. What replaced it was… well.. the name speaks for itself:

Who came up with that name?











Yep. LA LA LAND. Here’s the Area Previously Known as Hopscotch Duct-taped Carpet now:

no *really*, who came up with that name?











If you look very carefully, you can see one carpet tile that has gone vertically rogue in a sea of horizontal.

I don’t quite know what to make of all this. The only areas in Southern California I’m aware of that have this much green are golf courses that consume way too much water and chemical fertilizers to stay that way.

As an update, here’s our staff area duct-taped carpet further deteriorating.

Seriously, this is turning into a trip hazard























Supposedly it costs $5,000 we don’t have to replace carpet in the staff area. Currently there is free shipping from FLOR and I think we could take care of the job for a heck of a lot cheaper on our next staff cleanup day, but I’m not the one in charge…

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