December 15th, 2011

Friday Foolery #119: Alma Mater Holiday Video Showdown

As previously explained, I created my eagledawg moniker in honor of the mascots from the universities where I earned my undergraduate and graduate degrees. I’m posting this on Thursday night for a change because 4 years ago today I graduated with my MSIS and it was the last time I’ve been on campus. It was also the last time my family & I enjoyed Braum’s for lunch afterward. Oh great. Now I want a Braum’s shake more than anything…

For the 2011 holiday season we have an eagle (University of North Texas) with a former Cougar leading the way for doing The Denton Polka all across campus. Look carefully for the eagle statue the portrait on the wall of my blog’s webpage is modeled after at 1:54.

We also have the dawg (University of Washington) reflecting on 150 years, beginning with one classroom that was smaller than our 9 year old’s class in Seattle today, and envisioning our future. It also almost never snows here like the ending where it looks all peaceful and fluffy. It’s more like everyone freaking out when there’s any trace of accumulation on the ground…

The eagle wins, hands down, but I’m highly disappointed – where are  UNT Libraries and College of Information in here?!

Edit: with congrats to Sonoma State on 50 years too, home of the degree I never quite managed to wrap up but a wonderful time and great people I still miss from there! Maybe I should apply to come back as the Wine Librarian?



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2 Responses to “Friday Foolery #119: Alma Mater Holiday Video Showdown”

  1. Amanda says:

    They go right past the Willis Library at the beginning of the video. College of Information has been moved over to the Discovery Park campus, quite a distance from main campus.

  2. Nikki Dettmar says:

    I meant their participation, we know these folks can get down. 😉

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