January 1st, 2010

Friday Foolery #66: A Healthy New Year!

Personal question from the DSi!

I wasn’t expecting Personal Trainer: Walking to be interested in restroom activities but there you have it.

This has really been an eye-opener during the past week over just how inactive I can be for hours at a time as I’m sucked into desk/computer time and it’s my goal to change that this year. Hopefully the in your face factor of this particular program will keep me on my toes! So far I’m usually a Morning Horse or a Morning Deer (can you tell who makes breakfasts & lunches for everyone before running out the door?) and I’ve heard there’s a Pegasus which would be way cool but probably not realistic from the sound of things.

And now for something completely different, I bring you squirrel monkeys seeking blueberries in Jello.

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