January 15th, 2010

Friday Foolery #68: 2010 – a Vision of Bacon, Distance Education & Libraries

It’s 1972.

The world involves ABBA, bell bottoms, PONG, avocado green refrigerators, and both fashion & home decor shades consisting of burnt orange & chicken poop yellow.

I’m not sure how I survived being born the next year either.

Enter 2010: Living In the Future, a children’s book published in 1972 written by Geoffrey Hoyle. The first priority of a very complex kitchen system is bacon:well done, online grocery shopping is a given, distance learning via vision phones the norm, there are no rush hours because everyone telecommutes, and everyone has a perfect work/life balance because we only work three days a week and the rest of the time we can “play football, learn a new language or train for a new job.” Libraries are popular too with their online collections and access.

I want this 2010, except the training for a new job part. I’m still tired from the journey I took to get this one.

It is a fascinating worldview. Would you care to join us at Facebook to Get out your vision phones: Let’s Find Geoffrey Hoyle?  Mr. Hoyle contacted the founder of the group on Monday and is currently traveling with limited Internet access but open to answering his questions via email soon.

I seriously cannot wait.

(Thanks to Gail and a Montana libraries listserv, I’m so behind on boingboing)

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