March 5th, 2010

Friday Foolery #75: Seattle synth

What do 74 photos stitched together look like?

This amazing 3D visual using Microsoft Photosynth. Go see, zoom in and explore some of the awesomeness that is the Suzzallo Reading Room. Thanks, UW Libraries Facebook page!

I’m co-chair of the Local Arrangements Committee for the Medical Library Association conference here in Seattle in 2012. If you’re coming, do you want a field trip here? Here are some other options too

[polldaddy poll=2795460]

I promise you’ll be completely underwhelmed by the Health Sciences Library on campus in comparison unless I find a way to make the duct tape holding the carpet together* more festive.

*I wish I was fooling about that but I’m not and it’s way too depressing to take photos at work as proof.

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  1. re: festive duct tape on the carpeting, my offer of the purple duct tape still stands…

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