April 30th, 2010

Friday Foolery #82: Blackberries Showdown

Inspired by last week, I thought I’d show you the ugliness of our 11 year battle:

Blackberry brambles growing over a fence and into a dogwood tree

This is a picture shot from our deck of a deteriorating shed on the vacant lot next door with blackberry brambles swarming over it towards the corner back panel of our fence. While it’s annoying to constantly clip them at our fence level, they also have a tendency to grow up into our dogwood tree (the branches in bloom over the mess) and that’s really a pain to clear out.

Alison then shared the horror near her bus stop of just how bad unchecked blackberry brambles can get in Seattle: They devour Geo Trackers!

Geo Tracker eaten up by blackberry brambles

That Mitsubishi had better watch it.

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