June 4th, 2010

Friday Foolery #87: National Doughnut Day

Wow. I knew I had an eye on the horizon regarding trends with health informatics and medical librarianship, but I doubt I’ll ever scoop something like the Librarians Do Gaga video (last week at this time it was around 300 views, now it’s over 290,000) before it hits both Boing Boing and Perez Hilton [edit: and today, HuffPo] again in my life!

Today is simple: Go celebrate National Doughnut Day! Most of the Krispy Kremes (pdf of participants) and Dunkin Donuts in the USA are participating but check the links first so you won’t be disappointed.  If only I could grab a maple bacon donut from Voodoo as part of the festivities….

Missing posts of substance here? I am too, we’ll fix that next week. I’m still reflecting on the posts I and others have written for MLA 2010 and some exciting things the Department of Health and Human Services have been up to.

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