June 11th, 2010

Friday Foolery #88: Sticky Situation

Last Friday we celebrated National Doughnut Day.

Slightly late to the party, the rookie wide receiver of the Seattle Seahawks (Golden Tate) was busted for trespassing at the closed Top Pot Doughnuts in Bellevue at 3am on Saturday to get… maple bars.

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Don’t miss this quote from the coach at the end

"That's definitely wrong. We've talked about it, addressed it. He's remorseful and all that. I do understand the lure of the maple bars. "

For those who think it was a publicity stunt, here’s the 911 tape from the night baker where she sounds irate and reports they are “drunk and being retarded.” Tate and his friend originally stole her keys too but knocked on the door to return them as she was on the phone with the dispatcher. Interesting how this friend isn’t identified and nobody’s talking about that part of the equation though.

How does our fine city react to this news?

1,200 Top Pot maple bars were history on Wednesday. OM NOM NOM!

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