June 25th, 2010

Friday Foolery #90: In Which I Sing on YouTube

No, I’m still not part of the Librarian Gaga scene… yet. There may or may not be something else in the works there.

Remember The murderer is the librarian with a Mountain Dew in the antique cuckoo clock dining room?

Thanks to the incredibly hard work of the Hedgehog Librarian, I present you with a bunch of us from the Library Society of the World singing a capella at our webcams. The finger puppet monkey before me by Organization Monkey was obtained during the same shopping trip that led to these fabulous pants last year.

My voice is pitched a full octave lower than my usual soprano on the chorus line because I woke up sounding like a strangled frog that day and lost my voice outright 2 days later. It was a miracle I could do the last line without croaking. The cuckoo clock was brought home from the Black Forest region during WWII by my grandfather.

Today is also our son’s 8th birthday & I’m assuming this video will embarrass him by the time he adds on another 8 years. He already saw the video and was far more impressed that big-noggined David Rothman kicks it off (and that I’m friends with him on Facebook) than by anything I contributed to it.

3 Responses to “Friday Foolery #90: In Which I Sing on YouTube”

  1. timothy morgan says:

    Okay…. I don’t get it. I did check out some of the more official videos on the ‘tube, and I wikipedia’d the original series. Now I know that “Code Monkey” exists. But why did LSW make a spoof/tribute to the themesong?

  2. Nikki Dettmar says:

    Abs (Hedgehog Librarian) explained the backstory in her post. This is the dark side of social media & librarianship you don’t learn about in school 😉

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