July 16th, 2010

Friday Foolery #93: Old, New, Spicy!

At this rate I’m going to remember the summer of 2010 as The One Full of Awesome Library YouTube Videos!

First, on Wednesday we stopped throwing pigeons with the Old Spice guy thanks to Andy Woodworth.

On Thursday, in what had to have been an incredible coincidence due to the level of detail involved, Brigham Young University’s Harold E. Lee library released the New Spice encouraging us to study like a scholar, scholar.

I am torn between hoping for more videos in this series from BYU and wanting to borrow one of the carts and compare the moguls of the staff and the public area of our library’s duct-taped carpets since nothing has changed. In fact the duct tape is looking pretty frayed in our staff area. Perhaps a bright purple duct tape intervention is needed to reduce the possibility of an L&I claim from someone tripping over it.

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