April 19th, 2013

MLA 2013: Best PR Evah. The End.

Let’s just say I know for a fact that being Local Assistance Committee (LAC) Co-Chair is hard work, especially in the last few weeks ramping up to the meeting coming to town. It is so exciting, to be certain, but you want to make sure everything goes well for people to have a great time while they’re hanging out at your place.

Now, level that up that intensity by… oh, let’s say a thousand for a dangerous situation happening in the neighborhood 2 weeks before MLA.


Moved to tears by Sarah McCord, MLA 2013 LAC Co-Chair for Boston at about 1:37 in

WHDH-TV 7News Boston

This is what Watertown is, and what Boston is. There’s always more helpers than haters. I love this city, I love this town, and this is what it is. This is why no one can break our spirit.

So glad you’re safe and sleeping well tonight, Coug.

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