May 12th, 2010

WMLA 2010: Research and Librarians

I can’t believe I gave you robot monkey snot in March, then completely forgot to cover the three program sessions at the Washington Medical Librarians Association (WMLA) 2010 meeting.

Health Data for Secondary Analysis — Challenges and Opportunities by Peter Speyer, Director of Data Development, Promotion and Dissemination at the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME) [My notes on Google Docs]

Peter introduced himself as a talented data professional just as things began thunking and falling off the speaker podium. If you want a fascinating look into the unique and comprehensive global health research work IHME (sort of a cross between a research institute and an NGO)  is doing with phenomenal data sets, hopefully my notes will give you a good overview. IHME recently released a report demonstrating a massive rise in global health inequities that was discussed at our meeting.

Making it Work: Putting One University Library’s Strategic Plan In Context for Life Sciences Libraries by Greg Rowell, Head Librarian for the University of British Columbia’s Life Sciences Libraries [Greg’s SlideShare Presentation, My notes on Google Docs]

My notes are nothing of consequence for a presentation that certainly was of one.  I’ve found I tend to slack with capturing as many details when I know the SlideShare will be posted later for all to see.

All Together Now: A Panel Discussion on Innovation and Alignment within Research Environments [My notes on Google Docs] with speakers

Thanks again to WMLA for a great annual meeting with loads of cutting edge information about research environments and datasets for medical librarians to consider!

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